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Freilichtbühne an der Zitadelle

The open-air stage is situated in a charming forest atmosphere on the idyllic glacis of the Citadel. Founded in 1921 by theater manager Otto de Nolte, the open-air stage has a long and eventful history – and in 2021, we will celebrate its 100-year anniversary! To reach the open-air stage, keep right before the bridge to the Citadel, and follow the forest path along the moat for about 200 m. The open-air stage has room for 600 spectators – about 200 seats are covered and the remaining 400 are in the open air. Our Summers of Culture (Kultursommer, from June to September) include concerts, readings, cabaret, poetry slams, magic shows, and comedy, as well as an extensive program of children’s theater and music for day-care groups, school classes, and families.

100 Jahre Freilichtbühne an der Zitadelle

The 2020 season was supported by: 

Freilichtbühne an der Zitadelle

Am Juliusturm 62

13599 Berlin


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Trompeten: Dieter Ohse (tp, flh) | Sergej Kukshausen (tp, flh) Posaunen: Hans Siebke (tb) | Bernd Heinrich (tb) | Peter Czapanski (tb) Saxophone: Karl–Heinz Böhm (fl, as, ts ) | Achim Schmauch (as, ts) | Michael Erdmann (cl, ts.) | Peter Siebert (cl, bars) Rhythmus: Dieter Janik (p) | Lutz Riedel (g) | Uwe Pechtold (b) | Andreas Hentschel (dr)

Umsonst & Draußen 18.07.2021, 11:00 Freilichtbühne an der Zitadelle